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Routing and Navigation in React Native

Note: this is part of my upcoming Programming React Native book. Enjoy!

Why navigation

You might ask yourself: why do you need navigation? What's a navigation stack? Well, navigation on mobile apps covers these concerns:

  • Situational awareness: know where you're at, and possibly, where you came from
  • Functional: be able to navigate. Go back, undo, skip, or "deep link" into some functionality of the app
  • Infrastructural: consolidate ceremonies that need to be done before rendering a new screen.
  • Maintainability: to realize the above concern, often, you'll need to build a state machine. A navigation stack is a state machine. Platforms may let you code this state machine declaratively or visually, and promote maintainability by keeping all of that logic in one place.
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A modern iOS App Icon and Image Workflow with Blade

There are a few steps in a typical Designer-Programmer exchange. This starts when either you (the developer) - are part of the team and the designer had finished design work, or when you (the developer) hire a designer or make contract work, and now you need to integrate the deliverables into your app.

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3 years of Go in Production

For the last 3 years, my microservices in production were divided into the following platforms:

  • Core: Ruby and JRuby with Rails and Sinatra
  • Satellites, scale: Node.js, Clojure and later: Go
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